An Update on Wednesday Night Bible Study

Bright Star Family,

At the beginning of the year at our Church Business Meeting on January 18, 2020 the following statement came from the Pastor’s Report:

Clear Vision In 2020, I’m seeing that we need to boldly adapt how we do what we do as the Body of Christ to meet God’s people where they are, rather than expecting God’s people to meet the church where/how it is. Thankfully, I do not believe that this will take another grand restructuring, but it may take some deliberate adaptation, reframing of our priorities, and reaching out to new modes of community that (for better or worse) have become more important and far more highly engaged with the world around us than we are currently as a church. Like it or not, we are living in the midst of a major cultural shift into the social media digital era. An ever-increasing amount of our social interactions are happening through and shaped by online communities. You know who they are, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, Linked In, Messenger, Instagram, and Pinterest just to name a few.

More human connections are happening through portable digital devices than in person. I hear critique from many adults, about how folks these days are so glued to their phones, even when they’re face to face with others; it’s not an uncommon scene to see two people sitting together out for a dinner, both on their phones.

I too wonder about the health and long-term impact of this utterly new mode of (dis)connectedness and communication, but like it or not, this is indeed the ever-evolving cultural reality of the world in which we live. There’s no stopping it; the digital era is here to stay, and it’s only going to continue to become more significant in the lives of God’s people in years to come.

We are only just beginning to get our feet wet, as a church, in truly reaching out and therefore accepting/acknowledging this one kind of online community, by beginning to research, and develop live streaming our worship services. Currently, we have an unattended camera setup that only records video that can be copied to a DVD and no one is doing that anymore. But imagine the potential for the church meeting people where they’re at on Sunday mornings, I believe that online communities just may be a new frontier for outreach to God’s people.

So here we are just 3 months in the new year and now is the time for us to reach out with new technology during this time of COVID-19 epidemic. On Wednesday March 25, 2020 @ 7:00 pm we will try our first remote Video/Phone Bible Study. In which the membership can either view the bible study on your lap top or smart phone or listen in by phone. The connecting information and link will be sent out via email and posted on the church website ( around 6:30 pm and you can start to connect to the Bible Study at 6:50 pm.

Min. JR Strayhorn will be putting the logistic together to get us all connected. I’m looking forward to this new and exciting way of bringing us together for such a time as this.

We are developing ways of streaming our Worship Services live on Sunday morning for those who wish to view online and give online and our goal is to hopefully have both ready by Sunday, March 29, 2020. We’ll keep you posted, however The Church doors will be open to all on Sunday Morning at 11:00 am who want to come and Worship The Lord. Stay tune….

Be Blessed, Be BOLD, Be of Good Courage,
Stay Safe!

Pastor James & 1st Lady Dianne Strayhorn
And The Church Board of Directors